DSHooves Commission T.O.S.

By using the tools I have provided to commission me, you hereby agree to these terms in their entirety. Ignorance of my terms of service does not exempt you from them. Please read them before commissioning me. Note that at NO POINT will any communications we exchange be considered an official commissioning until these tools are used.

If you would like your commission streamed privately, and/or do not want it uploaded to my galleries, there will be an up charge of 50% of the total amount of your commission.


  1. Absolutely NO refunds are granted once art, script writing and/or recording has begun as there is no physical product that can be replaced. I don’t care if you “used the money that was supposed to go to your grandma’s medication” – if you are commissioning me, you know your finances. I am not responsible for managing them for you.
  2. You agree that you are commissioning me for yourself, and are not making my product accessible to those upon whom it would be illegal in your area to share them with. If it is found that you are attempting to purchase my products for anyone under the age of majority, your commission will NOT be completed and you will NOT be refunded.
  3. If you do a chargeback (or other stoppage of payment) after a commission has been completed, you will be blacklisted from any further commissions and an Artist Beware will be issued in your name including any and all communications between us (aside from those I am legally obligated not to release) will be shared with those Artists resource groups.
  4. If you are commissioning me as an understudy/backup for a project, you agree to pay for the services agreed upon regardless of whether they are utilized. You will not be allowed to request a refund for the completed work if your main person decides to come back to your project.
  5. Any and all commission information must be given at the time of payment. You have up to one month (30 days) from the date of the commission to provide me with everything I will need to either begin voicing your project or write a script up for said project. Failure to do so forfeits your funding to me with no refunds. No exceptions.
  6. If you become belligerent, abusive or ask inappropriate questions you will be blocked, your commission will not be completed, and no refund given. Consider this your one and only warning.
  7. I refuse to voice anything homophobic, transphobic, ablest, racist, sexist or otherwise demeaning of a group based on race, religion or sexuality/gender identity.
  8. I only draw and voice characters you have written permission to use (written includes emails, text messages, or chat logs) from the character’s creator(s) (Fair Use/Parody of mainstream media characters is allowed). I will be asking for information for any OCs (Original Characters), including the above requested proof that you have permission to use that character. It is up to YOU, the commissioner, to maintain contact with those creators’ whose characters you are using. You hold me (DSHooves) completely free of any responsibility to contact those creators. If, at any time, I receive a request to remove the voicework for those characters I will be forwarding that on to you, the commissioner, to ensure is completed since the hosting of the completed work will fall upon you.
  9. You agree that you will not re-sell any of the artwork, voicework (voice claims) commissioned, claim it as your own (including the removal of any watermarks added), or otherwise transfer ownership of said voice claims/art without prior notification and discussion with me. I will very likely say yes, but I want to know that someone isn’t using your paid content without you knowing!
  10. All art and voicework is created for your own personal use, not for commercial usage. If you are planning for, or expecting, any profit from the use of my voice, you will need to work with me on a percentage of profit agreement prior to doing so (1-10% of the gross profits, with the percentage depending on type of usage and/or times the commission will be used with all of this to be discussed at time of commission). Failure to do so will result in an Unauthorized Usage (DMCA) claim and a request for take down to any/all sites it’s posted at. Failure to do so will result in further legal action being taken.
  11. Under no circumstances will you hold myself ( with the pseudonym of DSHooves/DreamSketcher) liable for any legal issues, loss of money/time/resources, injury or bunnies exploding using my voice talent. You alone are responsible for any and all legal fees if you are using my work. Failure on your part to not know any legal ramifications is again, not my concern.

Thank you for your time in reading this! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me via DM using my social media handles!