About DSHooves

So, you want to know who I am? My name is Dreamsketcher Hooves!
(What did you think the DS stood for? Dick sucker? ;D)

I am a simple (filthy) filly with simple dreams. I want to bring my voice to the world and let you all experience pure and total bliss in my vocalizations! There is not a lot that bothers me, and I am generally an easy-going mare. My favorite color is neon yellow! My boob size is…NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! teehee!
In my free time, I enjoy sunbathing, doing art, singing and playing video games! My favorite food is tied for sushi and pizza!

If you would like me to bring your characters to life, feel free to check out the commission page and order you one!

Below are some wonderful images made by people for me of my characters Noir, Prism and DS. Artist information is in the title.